Welcome. It is always a pleasure to see new faces enter these halls. My name is Professor Faye. I am the Curator here.  As I’m sure you know, this is the Library of Theria. Here you will discover the world the Theria, from her humble beginnings to the great country she is today. We have collected remnants of history from folk tales and scorched journals hundreds of years old for you to discover on your own.

A word of advice: don’t touch the scribe dragons. Those ones there with backs full of feathered quills. My scribes are specially bred by a private royal drakiary and can transcribe up to four different languages.  They are just about the smartest in the country, and they do not appreciate being touched.

And on that note, here is your library card!


There’s check out dragons in every section, just bring your books to the desk, and hold your card out to them, their special vapors will mark your card with the book titles. The check out dragon in the Oracle’s Wing section is rather finicky, so mind your fingers or you’ll get nipped.*


We offer several tours of the seven sections in our library. Go now and meet your tour guides:

Be sure to exit through our Gift Shoppe!

*LATE FEE: Books are due back a fortnight from check out. Fee for late books are one bronze coin for every day late, and a nip from the check out dragon when book is returned.